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17 ft inboard diesel flat bottom skiff
Profile view of model of inboard diesel skiff

17 ft inboard diesel flat bottom skiff
Overhead view of inboard flatbottom skiff. Diesel will be enclosed in a sound insulated engine box.

17 ft inboard diesel flat bottom skiff
Bow section of inboard skiff

17 ft inboard diesel flat bottom skiff
Aft quarter view showing transom mounted rudder and engine box

Air cooled diesel with reverse gear transmission
Air cooled diesel connected to Baysan Marine M30 transmission


17 Foot Flat Bottom Inboard Diesel Skiff

This year I will be building a flat bottom skiff inspired by the Atkin Sprite. I have redrawn the boat to 17' 4" and changed some other aspects including a full skeg with shaft log for the installation of a small inboard 9.8hp air cooled diesel engine. She will be built with cedar planking on oak framing. All hardware and fasteners will be bronze.

The engine that I have is a DEK clone of a Yanmar 100 air cooled industrial diesel engine. This is a single cylinder engine and will fit perfectly into a flat bottom traditional boat as they have for about the last century. You can read more about inboard engines in flat bottom skiffs in this 1946 edition of Popular Science.

The engine is linked to a Baysan Marine 2:1 reduction and reverse gear. This transmission will allow a smooth, easy transition between forward, neutral, and reverse via engine controls accessable to the helmsman. The engine/transmission setup can be seen at the left of this page.

The stock muffler and fuel tank will be removed. A custom stainless steel through transom exhaust will be built and run under thwarts. A custom aluminum fuel tank will be installed under the forward thwart and will hold between 5 and 6 gallons of diesel or Bio-diesel.

A traditional transom mounted rudder and tiller will provide excellent control for the helmsman and allow steering from multiple standing and sitting positions.

Village boat Shop 17 foot inboard diesel flat bottom skiff

Air cooled diesel with transmission
My air cooled diesel engine with 2:1 reduction reverse gear attached. I have removed the stock fuel tank and muffler. The boat will have custom new ones built and installed. White oak lumber in the background.

Air cooled diesel
Another view of the air cooled diesel with marine transmission bolted on. The whole rig weighs about 150 lbs. and stands about 20 inches tall.


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