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1956 Century Resorter
Century Resorter in the shop

Graymarine Phantom six-112
Graymarine Phantom Six-112 before removal

Engine coming out of the boat
Engine coming out of the boat

Engine on dolly
Engine on dolly ready to go home to be painted

1956 Century stripped and ready to come off of trailer
Century stripped of hardware and in slings ready to come off of trailer

Century ready to roll over
Ready to roll over

Rolling over
Starting to roll in the slings

Rolled over
Rolled over in slings waiting for cradle

Resting on the cradle
Resting on the cradle

Garboards removed
Garboards removed

Bottom planking removed
Bottom planking removed

Century resorter new frames
Keel, forefoot and battens removed. New frames and floor timbers in place.

Century resorter keel
New forefoot and keel being fit.

Century resorter battens
Keel and forefoot installed. Installing new plank battens.

Century resorter fitting inner plywood layer
Fitting inner plywood layer.

Century Resorter inner plywood layer
Inner plywood layer installed with 3M 5200 and silicon bronze screws.

Fitting planking
Fitting the outer mahogany planking.

Steaming mahogany planks
Steaming mahogany planks to ease the twist.

Planking glued down
Mahogany planking installed with 3M 5200 and silicon bronze screws.

Spray rails installed
Topsides planking reinstalled. New white oak spray rails installed. Screw holes puttied.

Primed with red lead
The bottom is primed with red lead.

New bottom paint
New bottom paint and the skeg has been reinstalled.

Rolled over onto cradle
Rolled over onto the cradle and ready for new varnish.

Century resorter stripped
Hull and deck stripped of varnish and stain.

repaying the deck seams
Repaying the deck seams with rubber.

Century hull with coat of stain
The topsides stained.

Topsides varnish
Topsides sealed and 1st coat of varnish.



I have started work on a 1956 Century Resorter. She is in for a new no soak bottom as well as any required structural repairs and new paint and varnish.

The boat is in good shape topsides but the bottom is worn out and there are several cracked planks. She will receive a new bottom built with a layer of marine plywood and a second layer of new mahogany planking all bedded in 3M 5200.

After removing the old bottom, and inspecting the framework, I have replaced several bottom frames and floor timbers. All of the existing frames and floor timbers were also refastened.

A new keel and forefoot were also milled out and installed.

To date I have installed the new bottom and installed new spray rails. She will be primed and painted and rolled back over next week.

The bottom has been painted and she's been rolled over. I will be working on the topsides and deck prepping for refinishding. Then the engine and mechanicals can be reinstalled.

Here is a video of the complete project.

Video of the rollover




Patrick Hopkins
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