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Half model of John's Bay Boat 42
Half hull model of Agamenticus taking shape at the bench.

Half hull model of John's Bay Boat 42
John's Bay Boat Co. 42' lobsterboat

John's Bay Boat Agamenticus half hull model
Agamenticus with the keel and stem.

Agamenticus with varnish
Here she is with several coats of varnish. She's sitting on plans for a 14 foot peapod.

Agamenticus half model in the shop
Agamenticus on the backboard.

Agamenticus half hull model finished
Half hull model ready to hang on the wall.


A John's Bay Boat Co. customer asked me to build him a half hull model of his recently launched 42 foot Agamenticus. The scale is 3/4 inch to the foot. The waterlines and buttock line lifts are basswood. The stem, keel, waterline, and sheer are mahogany.

To date I have 3 coats of varnish on the model and the backboard is ready to be sanded and varnished. I've been waiting on the name plate to arrive so I can set the final size of the backboard.

Update July 18: The half hull has been finished and delivered. Hopefully soon I'll have a nice picture of it hanging on the wall.


Patrick Hopkins
385L 1st Street, Lawrence, PA 15055