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Black Powder Cannon

Finished cannon mounted on a teak carriage with a lanyard, worm, and ram.

Black Powder Cannon



I decided I would build my Dad a black powder cannon for his birthday this year. They have a powerboat that they use quite a bit and it needed a proper yacht cannon. I machined the barrel of the cannon from a 1 1/8" piece of bronze shaft material. The cannon trunions are 3/8" bronze rod set into a machined socket and mounted with a threaded insert. The bore is 7/16" which is equivalent to .44 caliber. There is a 1/8" fuse vent which is used to ignite the charge which is normally 1/2 tablespoon of black powder. We use Pyrodex R/S powder packed in aluminum foil charges and pack the charge with a damp paper wadding.

I also made a set of tools. I made a ram and a worm from 5/16" bronze rod. I used teak for the handles and varnished the works.

Enjoy this video of the first test fire!


Patrick Hopkins
385L 1st Street, Lawrence, PA 15055