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New Photos of Charlotte

Charlotte double paddle canoe
Charlotte on display at the Pittsburgh Boat Show

Charlotte bow
Charlotte's stemhead

Charlotte length
Charlotte ready to be paddled

The building jig with the keel and stems installed.

Double paddle canoe charlotte with the garboard installed
Here the garboards have been installed and sheathed with dynel and epoxy. The 1st broad strake is being fit.

Charlotte planking
Gluing on a plank.

Charlotte planking
Close up of the hood end planking.

Charlotte on the grass
Charlotte on the grass awaiting the trip to Pittsburgh

Charlotte in Washington Pond
Charlotte on Washington Pond with neighbor Henry paddling.


Charlotte is finished and on display at the Pittsburgh Boat Show!

She is ready to be launched and paddled. An excellent boat for exploring small shallow areas. In addition, she is fast and tracks well so she can cross open water easily.

Charlotte particulars:

Length: 11'6
Beam: 28"
Weight: 35 lbs


Currently I am working on a Thomas Hill designed Charlotte double paddle canoe. The backbone and interior joinery is Sipo. The planking is Okoume marine plywood. The canoe will be painted white with a varnished sheer strake. The interior will also be varnished. This boat will be for sale when it is finished.

I finished the half hull that was commissioned and have been doing a little work on the canoe. The garboard planks have been hung. They have been sheathed for abrasion resistance with dynel cloth and epoxy. I've planed the bevels and cut the gains at the hood ends.

I have been planking the boat and now have her off of the building jig. The stemheads have been shaped and breasthooks are now being fit.

In the middle of the project we have moved from Maine to Pennsylvania. I put two coats of varnish on the rails and two coats of paint on the hull so she would make the trip down strapped to the top of the car. She is sitting in the new shop waiting to be finished. I plan to show her at the Pittsburgh Boat Show in January.

I had to put her in the water in Maine before she left for PA because she was built there. My neighbor Henry and I launched her in Washington Pond. She still needs the seat platform, breasthooks, inwales, and backrest, but she performed really well anyway. There was a stiff breeze and she handled very well.


Charlotte on car

Charlotte double paddle canoe

Charlotte double paddle canoe

Charlotte double paddle canoe



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