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Herreshoff columbia dinghy lofting
Lofting of Herreshoff columbia dinghy.

Herreshoff columbia dinghy lofting
Bow end of Herreshoff columbia dinghy lofting.




For years I have had a copy of the Mystic Seaport book: Building the Herreshoff Dinghy. Several years ago I lofted the boat on our kitchen subfloor before the finish flooring went down. It is easy to see how well mannered this little yacht tender would be. I have always wanted to build this boat using lapstrake construction purely as a rowing boat.

This boat was the inspiration for the very popular Catspaw dinghy. The dinghy was designed to be a yacht tender in either sailing or rowing configuration. It can be built lapstrake or carvel. Lapstrake would be more forgiving if this boat were to be used from a trailer. The boat would also be a little lighter.

Please call of email if you are interested in this boat or one like it.


Patrick Hopkins
385L 1st Street, Lawrence, PA 15055