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Herreshoff double bladed paddle
Glued up sitka spruce blank for Herreshoff double paddle.

Herreshoff double bladed paddle
Gluing on the mahogany tips for the double bladed paddle.

Herreshoff double bladed paddle
Herreshoff double bladed paddle taking shape at the bench.

cCharlotte with new double bladed paddle
Charlotte with her new double bladed paddle.





With Charlotte up for sale and in need of a nice matching paddle, I started on a feathering paddle made from Sitka Spruce. I modeled the paddle after L. Francis Herreshoff's double bladed paddle design that is published in his book Sensible Cruising Designs.

The blades are offset by 90 degrees on this paddle so that it can be feathered. This allows the blade that is out of the water to be on edge against the wind while taking a stroke.

I started with a beautiful piece of 8/4 clear sitka spruce and milled it to 1 1/4". I glued 1 1/4" stock to the sides of the shaft for the paddle blades. Once I roughed out the shape of the paddle blades on the band saw I routed out a shape to add a mahogany tip. I glued everything up with West System epoxy.

I put the patterns back on the paddle blades and retraced the shape so I could work it with a spoke shave. I also 8 sided the paddle shaft to start rounding it. The shaft tapers toward each paddle blade so that the shaft ends up as an oval at each end.

Once I have finished carving the paddle, it will be varnished with many coats of Captain's varnish.

The paddle is finished and has two coats of varish on it. It is very light for a kayak paddle. I had a two piece carbon fiber paddle that was shorter in length that weighed about 25 ozs. This paddle with two coats of varnish weighs 29 ozs.


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