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She has an attractive sprit rig.

Ready to roll on her trailer
Ready to roll on her trailer. Spars and oars stowed.

Whitehall plank repair
Whitehall plank repair underway

Close up of plank repair
Close up of plank repair

Centerboard trunk repair
Trunkside removed to be rebedded

Framing removed
New steam bent frames going in

New steam bent frames
New frames completed

Interior oiled
Interior oiled

Hull painted
Sheer plank, stem, and keel varnished and hull primed

Centerboard trunk reinstalled
Centerboard trunk reinstalled with new frames

Interior varnished and reinstalled
Interior varnished and reinstalled.



I recently rebuilt a John Gardner Whitehall. This boat is a 14' Spirit model with and skeg keel and offset centerboard trunk. All of the midship frames were cracked and required replacement. The boat had some leaks around the centerboard trunk as well as some cracked planks. The planks were all glued at the laps so plank replacement was not feasible.

I removed the centerboard trunk and rebed the bedlogs. I also reshaped and painted the centerboard itself.

The cracks in the planking were all fixed by routing out the cracks to 2/3 depth and epoxying in cedar dutchmen.

10 pairs of new steam bent white oak frames were installed. All of the fasteners were snugged up and the planking was puttied.

The spars were only ever oiled. I sanded them down and varnished them. The oars received varnish as well.

Everything received a couple of coats of either oil, varnish, or paint.

This boat is for sale and is offered as a complete setup with trailer for $9,400.00.

Please contact me for more information.



Patrick Hopkins
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