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Lines plan for lobsterboat hull

Lobsterboat hull half model on the bench
Half model taking shape at the bench.

Half hull smoothing up
Fairing the half model.

Lobsterboat hull half model
Half model on layout board.

Half model of lobsterboat hull
Model on layout board.

Half hull model of lobsterboat hull
Above is a similar hull. This is a model of a hull built by Johns Bay Boat Co. The hull that I drew has slightly less flair and less height in the bow.


I have recently drawn a couple of lobsterboat hulls. One is 17.5 feet and the other is 21.5 feet.

These boats will be traditional hulls built with cedar planking on oak framing and powered by an inboard marine diesel. I can provide engines from Betamarine.

The smaller boats could be powered with 16hp and higher. Larger boats like the 21.5 footer would be best powered by a 30hp. These hulls can built bigger or smaller depending on a person's needs. I could build to about 26-28 feet in my shop.

I can also supply trailers from Load-Rite Trailers located here in PA.

These boats can be customized to owners wishes, however standard items include:

Painted fiberglass covered marine plywood fore and aft decks and washrails
Cypress working platform/cockpit sole
Painted cedar ceiling boards
Varnished mahogany trim including coamings, guards, toerails, and center console trim
13-18 gallon fuel tank with remote gauge
Traditional bronze helm and remote engine controls located on center console
12v starting battery
LED navigation lights and 12v power socket
Bilge pump and remote automatic switch
Navigation compass
1" - 1 1/4" propeller shaft and bronze propeller
Bronze running gear including stuffing box and stern bearing
Bronze through hull fitting and seacock
Inline raw water strainer
Fuel/water separator and filter
Hinged engine box
Betamarine diesel with reduction gear and engine panel
Silicon bronze and stainless steel hardware and fasteners
West System epoxy
Pettit Marine and Epifanes finishes

Prices: $32,000 - $42,000 depending on boat and engine size.





Patrick Hopkins
385L 1st Street, Lawrence, PA 15055